Travel Europe © has been in production for almost 5 years and has spent a collective six months filming in France, Germany, Austria, and Italy.  This international project features notable guests, famous landmarks, thrilling attractions all throughout Europe, and exclusive tours, interviews, and activities.  Upon release, TE will be headed for TV stations in Europe, broadcast on web distribution platforms, and soon sold in stores.  Due to some of the unique content, TE has been featured in Austrian newspapers for things like an exclusive interview with multiple Gold Record band “Wildbach Trio”, who recently hosted Arnold Schwarzenegger in Austria to celebrate a new song the group wrote called “Hey Arnie”.  Some features in TE include a cultural tea tasting in world renowned tea house Haas & Haas in Vienna, Austria, an air obstacle course in the Austrian Alps in which Dan & Courtney get stuck hanging from a tree 100ft above the ground, exclusive interview and food segment at Kiwano Asian fusion restaurant in Graz, Austria, a dance-off in the streets of Paris, glass blowing in Italy, and a never-before-seen tour of the entire Strasser accordion factory in Austria.